Best/Worst of ‘Neknominate’

Neknominate, known on social media sites by its hashtag #neknominate is a craze that apparently started in Australia, in which someone simply downs a pint of beer on video and then nominates someone else to do the same. Obviously things didn’t stay that simple for long as young lads and ladies alike endeavoured to outdo each other by adding increasingly stupid stunts to the drinking process. Here is a small collection of some of our favourites so far, although obviously we don’t condone it and wouldn’t advise anyone to copy such acts of stupidity… unless it was really funny.

Drink Driving

This one made the news in Australia and received a big backlash from the media who condemned Neknominate for encouraging young people to act stupidly and dangerously

Danger – Men at Work

The craze has spread throughout the world to the UK where it seems predominantly Uni students and Rugby boys have taken the challenge to act out more and more weird and wacky stunts. This one is fairly tame.

Australian Sailor

Obviously people stepped up to the plate by not only doing more bizarre and crazy stunts but also adding more to the alcohol being consumed.

Don’t Bottle it

…or adding to the amount of pain being inflicted..

Aussie rules

This group of Aussies were not messing about. Boxing gloves, concrete blocks, lighting tubes, pepper spray all added to our enjoyment and this guys pain for his Neknominate challenge

Grown up Egg

This lovely young Welshman is my personal favourite. Not to be outdone he bites the head of a baby chicken, and downs a pint of vodka, just in case people thought Australians were the craziest motherlovers out there


Back to Australia and this isn’t strictly a Neknominate, almost a spoof video but that doesn’t mean the pain, and the alcohol, isn’t real


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