Contributor Guides – The Super Bang

Technical Guidelines for writing a post and adding images

What you should do as a writer…

Reuse content from around the web: Using content and pictures from other sites is useful for creating quick articles, however we should make sure the posts aren’t carbon copies of existing content. If it is an image gallery for example we cannot have exactly the same images in our gallery. The text must be completely rewritten otherwise we get penalised by Google and our ratings plummet.

Write in good clear English: All posts will go to draft initially and then be approved to be published. Don’t be offended if you are asked to tidy up the grammar or spelling. This may seem over the top but their are to meny blogs out they’re wiv bad inglish wot makes it luk well umprofeshunal!

Post regularly: Rather than posting 10 posts in one day and then nothing for 2 weeks its a good idea to spread those out into a steady stream of posts. This keeps the site looking fresh and well maintained as well as helping the Google ranking.

Suggest new ideas to the Administrator: If you have ideas for a game of quiz or anything don’t hesitate to recommend it. Maybe you think we need another category or redesign, don’t be shy.

Share posts on your social media networks: Every little helps. We can’t just rely on organic traffic so make sure you spread posts around your own friends and networks.

What you shouldn’t do as a writer…

Write heavily opinionated or inflammatory posts: The Super Bang is not a news website and is not an outlet for political debate. We want to keep things light and entertaining.

Post graphic, offensive, pornographic or gratuitously violent content: The Super Bang is a family friendly site and our content should reflect that.

Copy and paste other content: I know this is previously mentioned but it really is the most important point. By all means rewrite content but copy and pasting is not tolerated by Google and the website will fall into a black hole never to be seen again.

How much do I have to write?

As an author there is no set amount of posts required, however any revenue made will be split depending on the traffic that your posts have brought in. So the more posts you write, the more potential you have to make money. The quality of the content is key, but with anything there is an element of luck. The more posts you write the more chance that one of them will go viral.